Non-toxic paint for the nursery
Creating a cute, stylish nursery is supposed to be fun and invigorating. Then you find out all the places that toxic chemicals have taken
over and it changes things a bit. If you’re like me, you want to cut
some corners for your budget’s sake. But when it comes to paint, I think
it’s totally worth it to spend a little more for something non-toxic.

Lullaby Paints has developed a green, organic, baby-safe paint made
specifically for expectant and newborn moms. I
had high hopes for this product and giving it a try, thankfully, it exceeded my expectations. This paint has no
toxins and solvents, but I found the quality remains high for
painting walls, furniture, cribs, and toys. Lullaby’s paint smells clean, the colors are more vibrant in
person and it goes on the wall without an issue.


Lullaby Paints - non-toxic paint for the nursery

The eight designer collections are all beautiful, but if you need a modern
blue that works for a girl or boy space, French blue is a fantastic


Lullaby Paints

To top it off, they have a perfect chalkboard paint that comes
in 16 different colors.

I’m trying to brainstorm more walls that I can paint. I’m
addicted!- Kirsten

Shop all of the non-toxic paints for the nursery at Lullaby Paints.

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