Long before it was considered the “right thing to do”, one of our favorite toy companies, PlanToys was making imaginative, eco-friendly toys in cool, modern shapes and bright colors. While they’ve pushed the standards in environmentally friendly business practices over the past 30+ years, we are so impressed by their latest innovation.

With over two tons of rubberwood sawdust generated daily, PlanToys has come up with a brilliant solution to what has always been just “waste.” They take the sawdust and squish it together under such great pressure that it creates a solid material which only needs a wee bit of formaldehyde-free glue to hold it together. Known as PlanWood, it has a look that reminds me of Sprig Toys: It’s almost plastic looking, and just dappled in color.

Instead of coming out with a whole new line of toys, PlanToys is now rolling out PlanWood in some of their most popular themes, like the well-known alligator pull-toy and their stacking rings.

Though they are priced identically on KangarooBoo (one of our favorite mom-run toy shops online) there are a couple of differences between the PlanWood and solid wood toys. For one, the new PlanWood toys are water-resistant so they can be washed when they get grimy. And some of the toys in the PlanWood line are approved for even younger ages.

Kudos to PlanToys for finding a way to use up every last part of that rubber tree plant. We have high hopes for what you’ll do next. -Christina

PlanToys’ new PlanWood line is available on KangarooBoo.