Kids' party supplies at DollyrocketsLooking for ideas for a child’s birthday party can be both fun– and stressful. When my kids were younger, I confess, I went a little overboard with over-the-top parties causing me to collapse with exhaustion. As I learned, it can be a lot simpler. And just as fun.

Here’s one shop that helps you with both.

Dollyrockets, a shop based out of New Zealand (but which offers USD pricing),

is designed for busy parents
who need a simple plan for the perfect party. Their collections allow you to create your own stylish party that looks different than every other party–without spending hours running all over town searching for the goodies you need. 

Sounds perfect to
me! Not only does Dollyrockets offer plates, cups and napkins, they also offer flag bunting, candles,
balloons, popcorn cones, cupcake cases, vintage striped straws, mini
glass printed bottles, invitations (how cute are those superheroes below?), gift tags…even mini blackboards for dessert tables.
Glass printed bottles from Dollyrockets

Dollyrockets party supplies

Superhero birthday invitation from Dollyrockets

Cupcake decorations from Dollyrockets

Their collections are are designed for both girls and boys, and are themed around colors, not licensed characters. A great reminder that you don’t always need a cartoon princess or a furry monster to create a vibrant, colorful party your kids will love. – Kirsten

Shop all of these fantastic party supplies for kids at Dollyrockets.