Chevron patterned kids' name labels from Namemaker

We love chevrons around here–on everything from baby blankets and hats to birthday favor bags and onesies. Their cool, retro School House Rock vibe somehow translates into the perfect pattern for modern kids.

So the name labels from Namemaker, for
things like water bottles, sippy cups, and containers, are right up our
chevon-loving alley. Even better that these are stickers with serious
They’re made with a special durable
polyester that renders them totally waterproof–even in the dishwasher,
which is a huge plus. You can have up to three lines of text if you so
choose, and, even though the stickers are durable, waterproof and
heat-resistant, they will not stick permanently to clothing or little
brothers’ knees and hands–my daughter made sure to test that out for
you. Still, they will look supercool wherever you put them. -Lexi

Get in the chevron state of mind with Namemaker’s waterproof name labels

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