You know that feeling, that smell, those results (!!) of the skincare products from a really high-end spa? That’s just what we were hoping for when we tried out the Medik8 skincare line. But we had a few questions–what kind of skin is it good for? Can we get the same results using it ourselves without a cosmetology degree? And of course, is it worth the splurge?

So we put it to the test with both Delilah and Liz, two different women with two very different skincare challenges.

Pretty interesting to see where they came out!

Delilah’s Concerns: Very sensitive combination skin, blackheads and redness

I’ve covered lots of skin care lines for Cool Mom Picks, and this one really stands out. Partially because it may involve piercing your face with dozens of titanium needles, but mostly because the results are outstanding.

Let me step back a second.

Medik8 is an ultra high-end skincare biotechnology line previously available only from spas like Canyon Ranch, the Four Seasons, and even medical offices. Now you can get them yourself from Private Spa Shop, which is great for skin care fanatics mamas who maybe don’t have the time to get regular facials but want to get those kinds of results.

The products are considered “sensitive green skin cosmeceuticals,” which is a fancy way of saying that they combine science, efficacy, and high quality ingredients, especially for sensitive skin like mine. They claim that their products are comparable to laser resurfacing, Fraxel, and chemical peels, and as I’ve never had (or priced out) any of those procedures, I can’t compare the effects or the dollar amount–I’d imagine these, while pricy for sure, are less so than lasers, and definitely less time-consuming.

medik8 titanium dermaroller

The stand-out product for me is–and what Medik8 might be best known for–is the Titanium Dermaroller, which looks like a roller (think, paint) but has teeny titanium micro-needles to create dozens of minuscule punctures in the top layer of your skin, so that serums can get through. I know it sounds scary but it’s not. Promise! You simply roll the needles all over your face every night after cleansing, apply the serum of your choice, and at least for me, bask in the glow of gorgeously renewed skin.

medik8 white serum
medik8 growth factor serum
medik8 firewall

When I combined the Dermaroller with Medik8’s White Balance Serum, I was amazed at how my skin tone evened out. I’ve had rosacea, splotches, and melasma ever since my second pregnancy, and my skin became so smooth and bright that I’m still kind of floored. Even my husband noticed, and that’s saying something.

The PoreCleanse Wash for Oily and Combination skin that I tried had a fluffy texture and almost no scent, and it seemed to reduce some of the blackheads around my nose. I was also very impressed with Growth Factor, a youth activating serum, and the Firewall Broad Spectrum Super Antioxidant. And although I’m not a scientist and can’t tease apart which products contributed the most, the overall results seem outstanding to me. Plus, honestly, it’s kind of fun to jab yourself with titanium needles. –Delilah

Liz’s Concerns: Tired skin, early signs of aging (Shhh…)

I’m pretty lucky in the skin department, especially post-pregnancy for some reason. Zits tend not to be my issue, so I need light, moisturizing products and a little help with the beginnings of those annoying little things that are showing my age. (Quelle horreur!)

Unlike Delilah, I’ve been a little sheepish about trying the Dermaroller. The word “puncture” freaks me out–although Delilah swears I’m being ridiculous. So for now, I skipped right to the products.

medik8 cleanser

The Medik8 One-Cleanse Cleanser makes me super happy. It has a light, clean herbal scent that makes me feel like I’m in a spa every time I use it. It’s on the less expensive end of the medik8 spectrum at $35, but it’s both effective (though you can’t use it for eye makeup) and gentle, which is important to me. Also that smell. Ah, that smell!

The product I think I’m most blown away by is the Medik8 Dark Circles undereye formula. Looking at a few pictures of myself recently, I thought wow…where are those bags coming from? And in just about two weeks I could absolutely see a difference under my eyes. I look like I’m getting more sleep than I actually am. I’ve tried various rollers and things, but never got results like I do from the teeniest little dab of this stuff. Even my family noticed, so, yay! This stuff is a new fixture in my medicine cabinet.

I will say it’s pricey at $68. But the teeniest little dot goes far on both eyes, so it’s going to last me a good long time.

medik8 pretox infin8
medik8 hydr8 night cream

Speaking of eyes, I’m starting to nip the early signs of crows feet in the bud and the peptide-based Pretox Infin8 is for that very thing, along with frown lines and those lines between your eyebrows that no one on the Real Housewives seems to have. (Ha.) It seems to smooth out the skin, plumping it up (or something?) and I think it’s really wonderful. I also like that it can go on right under moisturizer and it’s not too sticky or tacky–I hate feeling like I have to go to sleep with goop on my face. A single bottle seems to last forever considering how little you need to use. Another benefit: it’s staving off my urge to Google “Botox treatments NYC.” Don’t tell anyone.

I’m also really digging the Hydr8 Night which they call a Resveratrol Cell Hydrator (huh?) but I think of it simply as a nighttime moisturizer. Even so, I’ve been using during the day too. I like the feel of it, and how my makeup goes over it; plus with botanical antioxidants like Passionflower and Valerian…oh, the smell.

Can you tell I’m really smell-sensitive?

The next step, after reading Delilah’s review above, will be taking the plunge with that roller and trying some of the serums. But for now, I’m just so happy to find products that are simple to use, don’t change my already busy routine too much, and are actually producing results I’m thrilled with.

I need to reiterate that these are pricey, spa-quality products. Not quite Le Mer splurgey, but if you’re used to spending $8 at the drugstore on some undereye roller, this is not it.

On the other hand, $8 on something that has never worked for me is $8 wasted.

Hello, Medik8! Buh-bye, bags. –Liz

Learn more about Medik8 at their website before purchasing the products at Private Spa Shop, the only online US retailer. (Neato – a special page indicates all the products here that we’ve recommended in one dandy spot.) If you’re pregnant, you might like their USPA line, too. It’s super natural and very posh. CMP readers can get 25% off your total order and free shipping now through 8.30.12 with code CMP2012.

Plus a portion of all sales from Private Spa Shop go to help the charity of your choice from a list of terrific ones.

Thanks to Medik8 for providing samples for testing. We’re hooked now!

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