I’ve always been a sucker for the Pantone licensed products, which let you show your allegiance to lavender or mimosa through desktop goodies. Now, they’re available in folding chairs which are pretty darn great for outdoor lounging season or when you need to pull up a few extras to the picnic table for the kids.

pantone chairs
pantone chairs

While I’ve got red and blue featured right now, on Fab.com
today you’ll find 11 gorgeous colors from neutrals to a gorgeous
turquoise my kids would beg for if I showed it to them. Though sadly?
There is an orange, but no tangerine tango. They’re 10% off of the $75 listed retail price–but I’ve seen them as high as $84 online (tsk tsk).

While you’re there, check out some of the other Pantone goodies, like the modern Pantone storage boxes we’ve featured here before. Hooray the red white and blue! Or uh, Pantone 186 and so on. –Liz

Find the pantone folding chairs for a limited time at  on Fab.com (use this link to join if you’re not a member, or find them at a decent price online at Heliotrope Home

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