Disguise Place Mat!
Merely a place mat for children? Perish the thought.

It can be a hat, a brooch, or a pterodactyl. Or just a handy color-your-own disguise kit for a messy kid who needs a mustache.

The Paper Disguises Place Mat at My Sweet Muffin is a fantastic addition to any meal or party. Not only does it keep your table tidy, but it also keeps little hands busy and on the right track, if that compass is as accurate as it looks. 

Each pad includes twenty-five big mats printed in the USA on thick, high-quality paper. The disguises can be popped out easily, should your dinner guests require a bow tie or eye patch– although we recommend putting corks on the forks if that’s a usual problem while dining.

And although they’re definitely pricy for everyday use, we think they’d make lovely additions to a birthday party, or to a party favor bag when rolled up like pirate maps and tied with string and crayons. Yeah, baby! ~Delilah

Find Paper Placemat Pads at My Sweet Muffin. They also have a girls’ place mat featuring jewelry, but we think that the joys of eye patches and silly mustaches know no gender.

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