Blue elephant tub faucet cover
Why does bathing our young in a tub have to be so darn hard? The bottom is slippery, so we’ve got to outfit it with a non stick mat. Then there is the problem with the water spout. It’s shiny (so kids gravitate towards it, obviously), and it’s also metal. I can’t tell you how many times my kids bumped their heads on the spout.

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I know I’m not alone here, when you consider all the baby-safe bathtub
spouts out there. And now there’s another one that adds a bit of fun to
the bath too.

The Puj Snug (pronounced pudge) comes from the same husband and wife team behind the Puj baby booties we loved, and the Puj infant bath that we’ve featured on our Baby Shower Gift Guide and has become a registry staple for modern mamas. So no surprise, it’s pretty great.

Essentially the Puj Snug fits securely over your bathtub spout, and it
looks like an elephant in one of three colors–though I’m partial to blue. The recyclable material is super soft yet still
gets the protective job done. Let’s just say my boys wanted to test it
out, and this consisted of them banging their heads against it

I did not encourage this at all, but you’ll be happy to know that their
noggins were completely intact with nary a scratch to the head. But
please, don’t try this at home. –Eva

The Puj Snug is available online and is 40% off for a limited time. Which makes us think that’s some markup there. In other words, get it now. 

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