Have you ever been to a white elephant gift exchange? Then you know how everyone goes for the box with the prettiest bow, even though we all know that’s the one that has the stale apple and branded notepad in it. That’s because presentation counts when it comes to gifts — pretty packages are irresistible. They make the recipient feel special, which is the whole point of gift giving, if you think about it.

But there’s nothing worse than running out to buy a gift, and then having to run out, again, to pay for overpriced gift wrap and bows at the drugstore because you don’t have the proper supplies at home. So my new favorite kit is the Pink Olive gifting kit by Knot & Bow. It includes little details like wooden clothespins and stickers and various gift tags that will make dozens of gifts stand out from the rest. Paper’s not included, but the metallic twine will work with whatever you choose to wrap your gifts with. Perfect for those like me who believe in having a signature gift wrap that your friends associate with you before they’ve even opened it.

Plus, you spend a little money upfront, and save in the long term. I’m serious — have you ever paid for those printed gift bags and tissue paper?  — Roxanna

Find the gift wrap kit by Knot & Bow exclusively at Pink Olive now, just $38 down from $64 for a limited time!