Between the heatwaves and the crazy downpours, I feel like we’ve been getting more use out of our creative indoor toys this summer than our scooters. And now here’s one more that I’m just smitten with, because it’s more than just a building kit.

cardboard town craft kit

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The recycled cardboard Paper Town
craft kit is just wonderful. It comes with four perforated sheets that
allow your kids to punch out, fold, and insert tabs to create their own
little town complete with a cafe, bus station, department store and
market. I love that there’s no glue or scissors needed, so even while my
5 year-old needed a little help, I didn’t mind letting her have at it
on her own for a bit. My 7 year-old was just fine.  Meaning it’s a
perfect gift when you’re visiting a house full of kids of any age.
cardboard town craft kit
a toddler would love their little city once it’s built. The structures
are light, easy to move around, and best of all, easy to create endless
stories out of. Just stick some Lego Minifigs or dollhouse dolls in
there and see just where that yellow bus goes.

Or hey, get
out the water colors. You own the town, after all. There’s no
neighborhood association to keep you from making everything magenta.  –Liz

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