cherry chomper
I know I’m not the only one who’s always wondered if there’s an easier way to pit cherries. Every year, I wait for cherry season with much anticipation, only to be reminded that with half of my kids needing me to pit their cherries before they can eat them, I’m facing a slow, tedious task, even though I’m fairly handy with a knife.

Well this year, I finally invested in an fantastic cherry pitter and now when the kids ask for them, I practically cheer. 

The Cherry Chomper is a cute, inexpensive gadget that pops the pits right of cherries with a little “chomp” that even my kids can do themselves. Just insert the cherry, press down on his head and then watch as the pit falls down into the small clear holder. Just know it will need to be emptied fairly frequently if you have little cherry monsters like I do. 
Bourbon Cherries recipe
While you’re busy chomping cherries for your kids, you can even make a cool treat for yourself, like this yummy Bourbon Cherries recipe found at Mighty Girl, which would be quite tasty on top of ice cream or in your favorite fruity adult drink. And they’re so easy to make, you could whip up a couple of jars for hostess gifts too.

The perfect double duty for your little $10 gadget. -Kristen

You can purchase the Cherry Chomper at our affiliate

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