Go neon with the CMYK Zen Bloom strollerI’ve often wondered why strollers don’t come with headlights. (Seriously, I think about such things.) Well, my wish has actually come true. The new Zen stroller from Bloom comes with–you guessed it–a headlight. But that’s only one of the very cool and clever design features on this futuristic-looking buggy.

The new Zen stroller from Bloom
is definitely one of the more eye-catching baby-carting mechanisms I’ve seen. And this comes from a mama who’s pushed her kids in some big
name, SUV-sized strollers.

Part of the notice me-ness is due in part to
the acid bright colors in the CMYK stroller (pictured). But for the more faint at heart, Bloom also
offers the Zen in Monochrome, a sleek but subtle black on black model.

The Zen, a lightweight,
three-wheeled, mid-sized stroller, is the perfect compromise between an
umbrella stroller and a heavy-duty buggy. As I mentioned, there’s that cool, solar-powered light at the base of the stroller, which is the
first part to be seen by cars when crossing the street. The light also
has a flashing “hazard” option, with the buttons available at the
handle. I have not had a use for the hazards yet, but I imagine if I get
a flat on the way to school drop off, they’ll hopefully alert all the
other moms to pass me or lend a hand. (Ha.)

In my opinion, the real
standout feature on the Zen is its magical-like ability to fold-up and
become compact and skinny in record time. As my husband can attest,
I’m pretty much as un-handy as you can get. But after a brief demo from
the founder of Bloom himself, I was able to fold the stroller on just
one try, without asking for help. Swear. The way the stroller folds up,
the handle bars never even have to touch the ground (great for germophobes
like me) and the wheels are still useable, meaning you can easily push
the stroller folded, should you need to.

Bloom created a fun, cinematic video on You Tube
of a dad pushing his son all around NYC in the Zen that will make any
suburbanite green with envy. Hailing a cab with a three year old may not
be as easy as they show, but getting the Zen into the cab’s trunk? A
cinch.  -Melissa

The Zen stroller ($799) from Bloom is available exclusively at Giggle. Bloom also offers the Zen Yoga Newborn Nest for babies newborn up to six months, a cradle/lounger/travel bed to be used in conjunction with the Zen stroller. Thanks to Bloom for offering us a stroller for review.