isabella oliver maternityNot too many women wish they were pregnant in the heat of August. But when I got a glimpse at Isabella Oliver’s new fall/winter maternity collection, I admit almost wish I had a baby bump.

The just-launched autumn/winter 2012 collection from Isabella Oliver is jam packed with the chicest maternity essentials I’ve seen in a while. My favorites are the sleek and minimal ruched shirts, which are perfect for every day wear; and the adorable striped T-shirt dresses, plus a black wrap dress that would look great on pretty much anyone. These are the kind of building blocks every woman needs in her wardrobe–pregnant or not.

Isabella Oliver maternity top  Isabella Oliver maternity dress

Note that these are not your typical throwaway pieces–the top is $75 and the striped dress is $159. But they will sure keep you
feeling stylish through nine months and certainly beyond. That
“fourth trimester” can be a tricky time for clothing, so as I’ve learned, why try and
stuff yourself back into your pre-pregnancy things when you can get some
extra months out of pieces as gorgeous and wearable as these.  -Melissa

The new autumn/winter maternity collection from Isabella Oliver is on sale now at Isabella