One of my favorite things about having a newborn was swaddling. My babies both loved to be swaddled and I must say, while I did a lot of things badly, I was kind of a swaddling master (please hold the applause). However I did learn that it took the right blanket to calm my kids. So I’m loving these gorgeous Indian blankets that also do double duty as soft, breathable cotton swaddlers.

Cotton baby blanket with Indian motif

Indian dohar from Mela and Roam

Textile company Mela & Roam has some of the prettiest baby blankets to choose from.  They are
actually called dohars, or traditional Indian summer blankets, and are
made from 3 layers of pure cotton. Oh my gosh, these blankets are
breathtaking in person!  They are light and airy with a weight somewhere
between a sheet and a blanket.

The aesthetic combines ethnic Indian
block printing with a subdued European color palette, and all the
and looming is done by hand. And they have them in grownup sizes too,
should you want one for yourself. But the baby size is perfect for
whether you’re heading out for the day or just want a lovely blanket to
throw over the side of the crib.

Mela & Roam Indian shawls

Mela & Roam Indian shawls

Also at Mela & Roam: really gorgeous silk Indian shawls
which are beautifully constructed and hand-stitched. They’re said
to be imbued with protective powers that bestow happiness, fulfillment,
and….fertility. So maybe you’ll want to get the scarf before you get
the baby blankets. –  Kirsten

Shop these Indian Dohar baby blankets, silk scarves and more at Mela & Roam.

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