Nibbly Fingers whole grain kids' snacks from Ella's KitchenI must admit, once or twice I have bought boxes of lovely, organic snacks only to find they’ve gone stale before we’ve had a chance to get through them. What can I say? My daughter is picky and not every snack is her style.

Leave it to Ella’s Kitchen,
the creators of the awesome Red, Yellow, and Green smoothies that have
saved my neck once or twice, to come up with a great solution. The new
line of Nibbly Fingers and Yum Yummy Baby Cookies
has been well received by the bottomless (and picky) pit that is my daughter.  With flavor combos that include apple and ginger and mango and carrot, I
have been known to treat myself to a few as well.

The all-natural
individually wrapped cookies for babies and toddlers are as convenient
as can be. I love that you can just throw a handful of them in your bag
for on-the-spot snack emergencies and not wind up with a
pile of crumbs at the bottom of your favorite purse.  An added plus? Stocking the the pantry with items that
will last, without giving into the processed sugar and additive-loaded
packaged brands.  –Stephanie M

You can shop Ella’s Kitchen products on their adorable website to purchase directly or find a retailer near you.