As we start heading towards fall, I’ve got new diaper bags on the brain. (Why should back to school shopping time be just for the kids?) It’s been a while since I took a look to see what diaper bag label JP Lizzy has been up to, and it’s a good thing I had a mind to do just that this week.

JP Lizzy diaper bag satchel

Ages ago we liked their diaper totes,
but they don’t quite feel like something I’d wear today. And wow, turns
out JP Lizzy has come a long way with their 2012 styles. The new diaper bag satchels are a big win with an ample (but not humongo) size, and shiny quilted exteriors in all sorts of pretty color combos.

JP Lizzy quilted diaper satchel

JP Lizzy diaper bag satchel
JP Lizzy diaper bag satchel

Since this fall’s big neon explosion isn’t for everyone, I do like
the slate color (shown) which offers just enough of a subtle yellow pop
from the contrasting lining to feel stylish but not “trendy.” Along the
same lines, the tawny satchel has a nice go-with-anything vibe, and the matte exterior is a little more subtle. 

I do dig the white, but I know my lifestyle (and the NYC subway system) too well. I’ll leave that one to you LA moms.

But hey, if you want to go for color, there’s nothing wrong with that vibrant orange satchel
either–though personally I’m not as crazy for the multi-colored lining
as some of the other more simple ones. Still, it’s a fun way to
brighten up what amounts to a carrying case for things that generally
smell, spill, or crumble. Fortunately, no one really has to know any of
that when the styles are this cute. –Liz

Find very cute diaper bag satchels online from JP Lizzy. The tawny bag ships in mid-October.


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