Until now, I’d never realized that a highchair could be a style statement. I’ve always steered toward simplicity when it comes to kids’ furniture, but the dazzling new highchair from Bloom has me positively wowed.

Bloom Fresco Chrome highchair

The Fresco Chrome Special Edition highchair from Bloom
is an even cooler version of their already amazingly fancy Fresco
. The Fresco, if you hadn’t heard, is every design-centric
parent’s dream highchair. The Fresco Chrome offers a metallic seat and
some pretty rad updates to the original. It’s stylish, slick and
futuristic–but trust us, this highchair does a lot more than just look

My 16-month-old is a tough customer when it comes to
feeding time. He only wants to do what his older brother does, which is
sit in a regular chair without any straps or restraints, so getting him
into a highchair is no easy feat. I was able to pretty easily remove the
front bar and tray to trick him into thinking he’s sitting in a real
seat. Pretty genius.

Fresco Chrome highchair in mercury chrome and blue
Fresco Chrome highchair in silver chrome and yellow

The Fresco Chrome has all sorts of nifty
configurations. There are wheels at the bottom, allowing you to roll it
around to different spots at the table without breaking your back.
There’s a dentist chair-style ease to adjusting the height, so your
little one can be exactly eye level with everyone else at the table, even as he grows. It
also does a 360-degree swivel. And for newborns that can’t hold their head
up yet, it tilts all the way back, so it’s nice to know that this can be used right from those early days, making it easier to justify the price.

And yes, it’s pricey.

Super adjustable Fresco Chrome highchair seat

But if you need some more justification,the chair is also suitable for up to 79 pounds, meaning you can transition
it to a breakfast bar or even into your child’s room as a very cool-looking big kids’ chair. Awesome for
kids who are into the whole space-age thing. Now if only I could get my
little one to eat his peas on it, I’d be one happy camper. Melissa

The Fresco Chrome Special Edition Highchair from Bloom comes in either silver or mercury with 14 modern, eye-popping seat colors. It’s $650 and sold exclusively online at Giggle.

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