Rabbit Days and Dumplings - Elena Moon Park and Friends
Thanks to an Austrian grandmother and a healthy selection of Putumayo Kids music, my kids have been exposed to a fairly diverse tapestry of children’s music…although I will admit that our knowledge of any music from East Asia is almost nonexistent. But now that versatile musician Elena Moon Park from Dan Zanes and Friends has released a collection of songs from her homeland, that’s all about to change.

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Rabbit Days and Dumplings is especially exciting if you’re like me and have a preconceived notion in your head of what an entire CD of East Asian children’s music would sound like. (That’s my way of saying, wow, was I ever in for a great surprise.) Far from being a single “type” of music, Elena Moon Park has put together a joyful and eclectic collection of traditional folk and children’s songs, reinterpreted and reinvented  in a way that preserves their beauty, but also makes them incredibly appealing to a wide family audience.

The Korean holiday song, Sol Nal, kicks off the CD with an upbeat, celebratory song. I love how the traditional Korean piri wood instruments sound when juxtaposed to Dan Zanes on a banjo. Diu Diu Deng is one of several songs that mixes traditional lyrics with English translations–in this case, your favorite little conductor will love the lyrics about a train chugging along a track. The instrumentation on this entire CD is notable, but in Diu Diu Deng, Wu Man’s plucked notes on the Chinese pipa is stop-you-in-your-tracks (see what I did there?) fabulous. 

More exotic sounds are balanced by songs that sound as if they were home-grown, as in Diu Shou Juan and Summer is Here, two bilingual, horn-filled, happy tunes that sound more American than Asian. Children’s voices are adorable on the playful Tibetan Sisi Sima–you can almost see the kids leaping in this jumping-rope song.

One really great reason to grab a hard copy of this CD is the beautiful liner notes with cover design by Kristiana Parn and wonderful background info about each song. I enjoyed reading the story about each song to the kids, which really helped bridge any translation issues and made the songs so much more relatable.

And as someone without a drop of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese or Tibetan blood in my family tree, I can say that this CD proves that great music touches us all, no matter what our background or mother tongue. Christina

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