Halloween pregnant skeleton tee | GladditudesI was pregnant during two Halloweens. Looking back, I’m sad I never got into that particular holiday spirit. That probably has something to do with the fact that I was just happy to struggle into my own clothes and shoes, let alone deal with a costume. But that’s really only one of the reasons why I love this adorable shirt. 

The Skeleton Maternity shirt is pretty darn cute, and a nice way to celebrate Halloween without painting your belly like a pumpkin or dressing up in something that will just make you sweat more than you already do. Or maybe that was just me. 


There’s even a Halloween maternity shirt for moms expecting boys (or surprises). Expecting more than one? Check out the adorable tee for moms of multiples. I think these shirts definitely count as costumes, so if you’re up to waddling around the block, get out there and trick-or-treat. Baby needs Twix bars. Who are you to deprive him? Kristen

You can purchase the Skeleton Maternity Halloween shirt at Gladditudes