Bountiful Baby Purees baby food cookbook
My kids are long past infancy, but I have profound memories of the truly yucky jarred baby food I tried to shovel into their mouths. I always thought I’d be someone who made homemade baby food, but having my kids one year apart–surprise!–just about did me in. I barely had the energy to open those jars of yuck, much less steam veggies and operate heavy machinery (the food procesor).

If Anni Daulter’s ultra-simple baby food recipes had existed way back then, there might have been two less gagging toddlers in the world.

But Bountiful Baby Purees is more than just another homemade baby food manifesto, so get ready for the cool twist: for every puree, a companion recipe is provided for whole-family versatility. Making a Parmesan Potato Puree for the little one? Use the rest to make Parmesan Crusted Halibut with Lemon Caper Sauce for the rest of the fam. Make a Peach Puree for baby, and Homemade Peach Mint Ice Cream for everybody else. Clever and user-friendly, with some lovely food photography and a minimum of ingredients, Bountiful Baby Purees makes you feel like you can actually pull off this “whole food, healthy family” thing. –Shari

You can purchase Bountiful Baby Purees at your local indie bookshop or from our affiliate Amazon.

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