Last year I fell in love with the Cambridge Satchel. Not just because of the fabulous styling, hand craftsmanship, and relatively affordable price for such a hot handbag, but in part because of the beautiful story of Julie Deane and her mother, Freda Thomas, starting the company to be able to afford to send Julie’s daughter to a better school.

Well, today they launch a new style that makes me realize this is no one-trick, one-season pony of a handbag.

cambridge satchel downing bag

The new Downing Bag from Cambridge Satchel
is so up my alley. Named for the bag Julie wore to the infamous British
street address–where the designers happened to be invited to tea with
the Prime Minster after winning an entrepreneurial award–it’s the kind
of accessory that will take you into fall and winter beautifully. It’s
sturdy and structured, so it’s even great for popping in an iPad without

I swapped out my beloved hot pink one for the Downing recently to wear around New York, and the number of
compliments was mindblowing. Not that I pick my accessories just for the
compliments. (Okay, maybe a little.)

Grab your
own Cambridge Satchel in one of three sizes and you can walk around
saying, “I have the same bag as Zooey Deschanel and Alexa Chung!” Or uh,
Liz from Cool Mom Picks. –Liz

New Cambridge Satchel Downing Bag designs launch today. Thanks for sending one for review. I will love it forever and ever. Also, check this link to see the Google Chrome ad featuring Cambridge Satchel.

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