Nothing brings a grin to someone’s face like a gift from someone special. And nothing makes a gift-giver like me happier than finding unique gift wrap and supplies.

Printable bird gift tag | la-fabrique-a-bricole

These adorable printable gift tags from la-fabrique-a-bricole are perfect for birthdays, showers and “just because” gifts. You can choose from a variety of cute designs including birds, monsters and cars. They also have tags created especially for gifting bottles of wine.


Printable monster gift tags | la-fabrique-a-bricole


Printable VW bus gift tag | la-fabrique-a-bricole


Printable babushka gift tags | la-fabrique-a-bricole

These are just the kind of thing you want to stock up on, to have on hand for last-minute gift-giving that won’t ever look like an afterthought. Even if it was. –Kirsten

Shop adorable printable gift tags and more at Etsy’s la-fabrique-a-bricole.

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