Stroller handle covers | CityGripsIf you’d told me a few weeks ago that I needed covers for my stroller handles, I would have  been like, stroller handlebar covers? Riiiight.

Well, guess what? Turns out it was love at first grip.

The stroller handlebar covers from mom-created CityGrips are not just colorful and fun, they feel great and make all that pram-pushing far more pleasant–and less sweaty.  I was more than a little skeptical, but after slipping the Missoni-esque zigzag covers onto my Maclaren handlebars, I’m sold. 

The covers are made from a super-silky, luxurious fabric that kept my fingers happy even as I struggled to get my stroller up (yet another) steep hill. A possibly bigger plus? CityGrips help extend the life of your stroller–and keep its resale value intact–as they protect the handlebars from wear and tear.

CityGrips are offered in numerous cool patterns and colors, all city-chic or country-cool, depending on where you might be. For $12.95, I’m tempted to buy another set to cover my single-bar handlebar stroller too. -Melissa 

CityGrips stroller handlebar covers are $12.95 and come in double and single bar options. Buy them online at