V is for Vampire bat tee | BioMe5Nope, it’s not Dracula. It’s not Edward, either. This little guy is waaaaay cuter (sorry, Team Edward).

This shirt’s vampire is the real deal: a vampire bat. And he’s pretty adorable, for something that sucks blood. We’ve told you before how much we love the authentically depicted creatures on tees and onesies from BioME5, and this dashing fellow is no exception.

Seriously, what could be cooler than a Vampire Bat tee, especially around Halloween? This stylin’ bat is anatomically correct, without a googly eye or hair bow to be found. I especially love that the words “Vampire Bat” are printed upside down on the 100% organic cotton tee, so that the wearer can read it.

 And the best part of all? This shirt is high quality and can be worn year-round without any risk of Hollywood vampire cheesiness.

Find it in sizes 2T to 6T. Sorry, babies. Your onesie only comes in Viper.

Find the Vampire Bat Tee at BioMe5.