PACT Holiday Sock BundleI don’t tend to spend much time thinking about my sock purchases. Half of my socks tend to get lost in that treacherous journey from laundry hamper to dryer, anyway. But I’ve just found an incredible site that makes shopping for socks–and good-looking socks, at that–an opportunity to change the world. I kid you not.

The good folks at PACT have what they call “a movement designed as a clothing company.” (Love.) Each season, they design a collection of clothing inspired by someone doing something good. And then they donate money from the sales of the clothing to that very cause. 

This season, their line of holiday sock bundles for women and men will support the Empowerment Plan. And the Empowerment Plan is a pretty great cause. It employs women living on the street in Detroit to make coats that are very specifically designed for homeless people (to whom the coats are given). The system creates jobs for those that want them and coats for those that need them. Talk about win-win. 

And, just to make things even better, these socks look awesome. Bright colors, adorable stripes and designs. Comfy organic cotton. You won’t be letting these ones get lost in the dryer, that’s for sure. –Stephanie S.

Oooh, and right now is a perfect time to shop at PACT because they’re giving away a free Holiday Sock Bundle with any purchase over $100.