Storey's Sunny Day Coloring BookIf you don’t know Elizabeth Mitchell’s music, you’re missing something special. She invokes a vibe of simple joy that’s been part of our daily soundtrack as a family for the past few years. 

Daniel, Elizabeth’s husband, and Storey, her beautiful daughter, make up her band, the sweetly named You Are My Flower. Over the past few years, Storey’s creative role has evolved…and coloring-happy kids (and parents) will adore the results.

Storey partnered up with her very talented grandmother Bonnie Brooke Mitchell on a delightful collaboration featuring Storey’s words and Bonnie’s drawings. Page by page, Storey’s Sunny Day Coloring Book is a wonderful reminder to slow down and look at the charming world surrounding us. As the book walks us through the alphabet, we are greeted with birds, flowers, instruments, and the beautiful landscape of upstate New York. We’re also introduced to Storey’s friends and family along the way. 
It’s a completely welcome change of pace to color serene hand-drawings that aren’t accompanied by a trademark (sorry, Princesses). And if you’re a fan already of Elizabeth Mitchell and You Are My Flower, this is a must-own. This coloring book is one of a kind and positively lovely–as if we would expect any different from any member of this amazing family. –Stephanie M
Storey’s Sunny Day Coloring Book is exclusively available in the Elizabeth Mitchell and You Are My Flower web shop for $10. While you are there, you may want to pick up a copy of their brand-new family album, Blue Clouds (the Van Morrison cover is worth it alone).