For the past few years, my husband has kicked off November cleanly shaven and ended it in full mustache-mode. I don’t even complain because he’s doing it for Movember, an annual worldwide mustache-growing fundraiser to raise awareness and funds for male cancer charities.

So in support of all those men who are smack in the fuzzy middle of growing a mustache this month (and with empathy for us women who have to get used to kissing them in various prickly phases), we’ve rounded up some fun mustache-themed items for kids that will stick around long after the facial hair has gone down the drain.

Ooo la la! Emile et Ida’s Moustache Sweatshirt even has a dapper top hat to complete the look. Plus the warm cotton pullover will feel great on these colder days.

Mustache throw pillows | Freaky Fleece
Ah, November: ’tis the season for mustache pillows. Cute trio of felt pillows from Freaky Fleece, guaranteed to make you smile.
Mustache baby blanket | Little Hip Squeaks
Sure, chevron is still hot, but we also love how a repeating mustache image looks on on a pick-your-own-color organic cotton jersey knit blanket from Little Hip Squeaks. Makes a great new-baby gift for boys and girls.
Mustache pacifier | Spoon Sisters
Your binky-loving babe will get some second looks if he’s sucking on the Mustachifier. Sure, he’ll look like he’s up to no good, but there is nothing too sinister here: It’s BPA- and silicone-free.
Incog-Neato mustaches | Land of Nod
With such awesome names as The Strongman, The Twain, and The Villain, my kids would be thrilled to find one of Land of Nod’s Incog-Neato Mustaches in their Christmas stockings. I can just imagine the family photo opps…
Mustache pillow | Bla Bla
My kids think this huggable Bla Bla mustache Hold Me Tight pillow is so much softer than their dad’s mo. I love its jaunty little hat and the easy-to-grab handles. 
Mustache wooden baby teether | Little Alouette
Crafted from locally sourced hardwoods, Little Alouette’s Mustache Teething Toy gets no more grooming than a little organic flaxseed oil before it ships to you.
Mustache animal prints | Paper Llamas
Some brightly colored animal prints from Paper Llamas get a very dignified upgrade with some well-placed facial hair and a few accessories. A fab look for a nursery or an older kid’s room. I’m pretty sure I’d give each one of them a British accent if I were to make them talk. Ah, yes, my dear chap, mustaches are always in style.
You can read more about Movember in the US at the Movember website. And if you feel inclined to donate to a specific Mo Bro, here’s a link to my husband’s page