Hanukkah comes early this year, kicking of the Festival of Lights on December 8th (or the 25th of Kislev if you want to be technical about it). Which means for some gifts, you need to start getting ready now already (eek!). For parents that means planning, shopping and wrapping ahead of all the regular holiday madness. 

There is an additional challenge though. With an early calendar date it can be hard to get the kids as excited when their holiday doesn’t line up with that of all of their friends.

Hanukkah crafts for kids from Kiwi Crate

Well, the oh-so-reliable CMP favorite Kiwi Crate has a plan to help your crew rev up the anticipation for the coming holiday, DIY craft-style.

DIY spin art dreidels | Kiwi Crate

Kids' craft menorah | Kiwi Crate
Handmade Hanukkah
is a special holiday offer that will keep the kids enthused through all
8 days. Kiwi Crate, known for their creative all-in-one craft kits,
does it again with this fun filled Hanukkah themed box.

DIY spin-art
dreidels (brilliant!) and a paper machete menorah complete with LED
lights are some of the crafts your kids will find. In other words, no fire hazards and no dripping wax, a true
Hanukkah miracle! And as usual with Kiwi Crate, everything you need is
included. How’s that for thinking outside the box?  –Stephanie M

Order Handmade Hanukkah from Kiwi Crate for $19.95 plus shipping or sign up for 3 months of fun kicking off with the holiday theme for only $59.00 and free shipping.

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