This year, if your kid wants to be a unicorn with a glowing horn or a chomping dinosaur or even a lit-up UFO for Halloween, you can say with all confidence, “Sure, kiddo! And you can even make it yourself.”

(If only we could say that about all our family meals too, right?)

Kiwi Co. (FKA Kiwi Crate) has long been one of our favorite sources for maker kits for kids, and this year the ever-growing indie company has launched into DIY Halloween costume boxes, and I’m just crazy for them!

What I really like is that these are not just your typical craft kits with felt and sequins and glue stick; most of the Kiwi Co craft boxes have an educational STEM component to them, like a an alien spaceship (above) with information about rocket launches and scientists’ search for alien life.

There are also kits to create a glowing fairy wand or princess wand that contain lights, iridescent inserts and fun articles about the science of minerals and light refraction.

That’s uh, DOCTOR Princess to you.

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DIY Unicorn costume kit from Kiwi Co includes STEM components to help teach kids about phosphorescence and illumination in the glow-in-the-dark horn!

DIY Halloween costume kits from Kiwi Co: Unicorn with a glowing horn


DIY Halloween costume kits from Kiwi Co: Mechanical, chomping dinosaur

DIY dinosaur costume kit from Kiwi Co featuring STEM educational components kids can put together themselves

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The light-up fairy wing sand unicorn horns help teach about iridescence and luminescence (and keeping kids a little safer during those nighttime candy raids), while the dinosaur costume lets girls and boys engineer a felt jaw that snaps shut thanks to the science of hinges, rotary motion and a pulley.

DIY glowing jack-o-lantern kit for kids with safe LED lights, from Kiwi Co

There’s even a fun DIY jack-o-lantern kit for kids that really glows, thanks to safe LED components.

And parents, get this: every kit is pretty affordable — some are just around $20, some are even under $10. That’s the kind of Halloween costume I can get into. But not literally. Because they’re made for kids.

You can order Kiwi Co.’s DIY Halloween costume kits for kids at their website. Go ahead and get them now, so you’re not cramming at the last minute to get them finished. Not that I’d know anything about that.