I have this inkling that gourmet marshmallows just may be the new macaron (which was the new whoopie pie which was the new cupcake). And when you see the flavors like the ones from Wondermade, you are going to agree with me completely.

wondermade marshmallows

Wondermade Marshmallows
are no child’s play. Made with cane sugar instead of corn syrup,the
flavors include a sophisticated Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Maple Bacon
(zomg), or Guinness, which couples the dark beer with cane sugar,
crushed pretzels and pure vanilla extract. If you like your
gelatin-based dessert treats a little more sobering, there’s Honey Pear,
Pumpkin Pie, and Cinnamon Apple, all of which sound perfect for this
time of year, whether you’re melting them onto graham crackers or not.

Speaking of which–the S’mores Flavor? With Dutch refined cocoa? Hellooooo.

I think each 16-pack box is a way cooler food gift this holiday than some
boring chocolate assortment. Especially since they’re currently on sale
at Fab.com, in assortments up to 25% off. I say get the multi-packs. Picking is just way too hard. –Liz

Find Orlando’s own Wondermade Marshmallows through their website, or for a limited time on sale at Fab.com. Use our invitation link if you’re not already a member.

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