Custom kids' book: 'Twas the Mouse Who Saved Christmas
Ready or not, mamas, the holiday season is on us. Here’s a good way to get a jump on Christmas morning: an adorably customized book with your kid as a main character–and a major part of the plotline.

‘Twas the Mouse who Saved Christmas  is a sweet and welcome entry into the your-kid’s-name-here category of gifts. Occasionally, personalized kids’ books seem to have pretty random placements of your child’s name in the text. But the creators of this book incorporate your child’s name in a thoughtful and unique way, making your little one a truly central character in the tale.

See, Pip is a little mouse who stumbles upon Santa’s list while he’s snoozing. When a cat interrupts her explorations, Pip takes a tumble and accidentally takes a piece of Santa’s list with her. Which just so happens to be your kid’s name. Clever, huh?
For the rest of the book, Pip endeavors to get your child’s name back on Santa’s the list in time for Christmas. Will she succeed? Well, that’s a surprise, right? But illustrations are adorable and the prose–a clever takeoff on ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas–is very sweet, rhyme-y, and fun. You will have as much fun reading it as your kid will. And that’s a good night to all -Lexi

Order ‘Twas the Mouse who Saved Christmas now, in time for, heh, Christmas.

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