As wonderful as it is to unwrap gifts during the holidays, it’s even more wonderful to give gifts that can’t be wrapped in the first place. Especially this one–because it will also be appreciated for a lifetime.

Cool Mom Picks has always loved the mission of charity:water: to bring clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations. And its holiday campaign is one I can totally get behind: the organization is suggesting we “give up the gifts” and instead help fund 100 new wells in Ethiopia.

Just $10,000 fully funds a shallow borehole well in northern Ethiopia–a region where, four years ago, two million people didn’t have access to clean water. Now, with charity:water’s projects, 830,000 of them do.

You can donate directly, or you can start your own fundraising mini-campaign to encourage your friends and family to give to the cause in lieu of–or in addition to–holiday presents this year. Once you sign up, you’ll get online reports that keep you up to speed on the direct impact your efforts have made, plus the actual GPS coordinates of the well you build.

So far, charity:water has funded 72 of its 100 wells–so close! And what’s amazing is that 100 percent of every donation goes directly to fund the water projects in Ethiopia–it’s hard not to feel great about that. –Lexi

Give the gift of clean water and working wells with charity:water‘s holiday campaign