Feeding your baby solids is an exciting but somewhat stressful time–especially when you are on the go. As you know, most babies can’t really figure out the whole spoon-to-mouth thing when they first start eating, and it can get pretty darn messy. So I dig fruit and veggie pouches for their convenience, and now I especially love these reusable pouches that are easy on the environment, too.

Squooshi makes very cute reusable squeeze-fruit pouches which are easy to fill and adorable to boot. Each one has a resealable bottom, which makes prepping the pouches a cinch.

The cool thing is that you can put just about anything in a Squooshi. I’ve tried fruit shakes (it’s more fun than a cup and a straw) and even bought a jar of apple sauce from the grocery store and divvied it up to two kindergartners. They were in heaven. Eh, so it wasn’t homemade. Don’t tell anyone. Eva

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