Several years ago, we introduced you to a new line of wonderful aromatherapy-based skin care products from hellomellow. All this time later, I still really like their body butter–and the room spray, which I’ve used more than once in my girls’ room to “ensure good dreams.”

So I’m happy to check back with the company and find out they’ve expanded the line with some lovely new scents and some fabulous gift sets–just in time for the holidays.

The Joy scent sounds perfect for the coming months–a blend of juniper berry and sage (yum) which comes in everything from a little lip balm to a big jar of pink Himalayan sea salt scrub. If you can’t choose, there are gift sets of different sizes. Grab some and keep on hand as hostess gifts throughout the new year.

It’s just so nice to receive some lovely smelling goodies with the word Joy on them, isn’t it? Or if you prefer other scents, with other aromatherapeutic properties, there’s Empower, Uplift, Arouse (rawwrrr), and more.

Me? I want to give more joy. –Liz

Find the new Joy scented aromatherapy products for bath, body and home online at hellomellow.


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