It happens to us every year–midwinter hits and we realize that the fall jackets won’t cut it, and last year’s cheap parkas are now outgrown and looking ratty. This year we took the plunge over to what might be one of the best kids’ winter coats ever.

Girls' down jackets and coats | Appaman

Indie label Appaman (one of my favorites since my girls were born and they sold that iconic bulldog tee that Maddox Jolie-Pitt wore nonstop) has grown their collection to include a terrific selection of girls’ outerwear, but I think my favorite might be the long parka.

While the
jacket is perfectly wonderful (and not all that much shorter), the longer version keeps those little
thighs warm on the days they insist on wearing skirts in the snow. Plus
it’s super cozy, and even has smart details like sleeve snaps so you can
roll them up or keep them long, over your gloves. But the best part is
that it’s incredibly durable; buy a size up and you won’t be getting rid
of this coat any time soon. In fact, I know my second kid will be wearing it come 2014.

Girls' down coat | Appaman

While there are quite a few cute colors, how great is this pewter down coat? It’s like the perfect neutral–stylish but still goes with everything. (Even so, we stuck with black and haven’t looked back.)

Boys' coats | Appaman

There are also great options in outerwear for boys,
including a down jacket with a fuzzy hood that reminds me exactly of the
one I wore as a kid–only better. Because mine was a really scary maroon.
Eh, it was the 70’s.

Considering how much we’re wearing these
coats in the northeast already, I’d rather skimp on some other clothing
and know my kids are bundled up toasty-warm in an excellent jacket that really only costs a bit more than the cheap one I had last year. Now if only I
could get them to remember their gloves. Liz

Shop outerwear for boys and girls at Appaman.