Vered's Good Morning My Love
I have no doubt of the power of music to soothe the savage beast–or the overtired 6 month old child. If you too are looking for something lovely, lyrical, and fun-to-hear to play for your little one, here’s a wonderful CD by a kindie artist and music therapist who writes songs that are designed to help you bond with your baby. Especially useful on those days when they’ve had you up since before dawn.

Singer, songwriter, and mama, Vered Benhorin, has created Good Morning My Love, a CD of 18 gentle songs specifically for those first two years of a little one’s life. Though, don’t tell my much-older-than-two-year-old kids who like hearing this CD playing as we go about our day. In fact, my fickle tween recently said, Hey mom, who is this? I really like it.

High praise indeed. 

Kicking off with the title song, Good Morning My Love starts off the mornings in such a pretty way. Vered teaches music workshops for parents and babies in NYC, and you can hear that influence in songs like Faces and Flying Hands which all encourage us parents to get up close and personal with baby and be silly along with the music. 
The real treat is Vered’s voice which is so lush and pretty, along with smile-inducing lyrics like the fun-to-sing, old-timey sound of Hands In My Mouth, and the clever Don’t Leave Me which are two of my favorites on this release. Even the one cover of (you are my) Sunshine feels like a new song here. 
And exhausted parents will nod in agreement listening to At 63, which longs for a lazy Saturday morning. Doesn’t that sound nice? –Christina
Grab a copy of Vered’s Good Morning My Love from her website where you can also see a sweet video of Hands in My Mouth and hear some songs from the CD.

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