Quick, how old was your baby when he started rolling over? What were her favorite foods? When did he first laugh? If you’re anything like me (seriously, I’ve been known to forget their birthdays and mix up their middle names on occasion), it’s nice to have a little help in the remembering department. Which is why I am such a big fan of everything from Strange Birdy Studios, a cool design shop just for parents that we recently discovered.

Milestones Poster: the baby book for your wall

Infographic meets baby book meets family heirloom in the new Milestones Poster,
with over 40 spaces to fill in. Parents will have fun drawing baby’s
hairstyles, circling her birthplace, and recreating his first Halloween
costume. And soon, the studio will be launching a set of fabric stickers
to embellish the posters.

It also happens to be made of paper
created from 100% post-consumer waste and printed
with soy-based inks which makes me feel even better about how great it
looks. Mostly, though, I love that it offers such an easy way to
document a baby’s milestones with no excuses. Because I don’t know about
you, but if I’d had these when my kids were little, then right about
now we’d have something to treasure instead of three empty baby books
sitting on the shelf. –Stephanie S.

Ready to document baby’s first milestones in the most easy and beautiful way? Get your Milestones Poster at Strange Birdy Studios.