I’m never going to be the mom who looks at the DIY Valentine’s craft project for kids on Pinterest–the one that requires a Cricut and a hot glue gun and six trips to the craft store–and says aha! That’s the one for us! But still, I’d like my kids to put a little bit of effort into their own Valentine’s cards for the class besides just handing out the store-bought ones. So I think I’ve found the perfect compromise in this cool Valentine’s kit on Etsy.
DIY Valentine's Card Kit | Little Lemon Blossom

The DIY Valentine Card Kit from Miki of Fresh Lemon Blossoms (love that name!) is so up my alley. You get everything you need to make 40 very cute mini cards, except the glue stick. There’s also a kit to make 26 Valentine’s Cards, should you have fewer kids or fewer classmates.

DIY Valentine Card Kit | Fresh Lemon Blossoms

Essentially you glue one of the colorful circles with the hand-stamped Valentine’s message onto a larger circle for layering, then glue both onto a little flat card. Sign your name, tuck it in an envelope, seal with a heart sticker and…voila. Semi-homemade Valentine’s cards that look pretty great. 

Probably even more so when they’re sloppy and lopsided and the glue is sticking out of the sides. Unlike the perfect versions seen here.

DIY Valentine's Day Card Kit | Fresh Lemon Blossoms

I think my two kids would have the best time carefully selecting which message goes with which color goes with which color. I also somehow think they’d fight over the “you take the cake” cupcake, which is why I’m glad there are four of each image. Moms of three–hide the fourth. –Liz

Visit Fresh Lemon Blossoms on Etsy for lots of Valentine’s cards and crafts