If at this particular moment it has just struck you that you have a houseful of people showing up tonight for the Super Bowl–or perhaps your spouse just alerted you to that fact at this particular moment–don’t worry, we can help with the food! Here are a ton of links for Super Bowl snacks, drinks and desserts that you can whip up for a hungry crew without too much effort. Just uh, try not to chomp those nacho chips loudly during the commercials? Some of us are actually trying to watch them.

If you’ve got a grill, these Steak and Potato Kebabs via Our Family Eats are so easy to make and can definitely satisfy a roomful of hungry guys who have very likely expected to spend the night surviving on Doritos and onion dip.

Last-minute Super Bowl recipes: Nacho Bites

Nachos are some of the easiest snacks to whip together, and we’ve got 7 amazing nacho recipes to help you out. Our favorite? Might have to these taco bites, above.

Super Bowl Cupcakes recipe

Can’t have a Super Bowl party without a little jolt of sugar to get you through the fourth quarter, right? Here are Super Bowl dessert ideas that you can eat with both eyes still on the big screen.

DIY Girl Scout Cookies recipes

For another dessert option, check out our roundup of DIY homemade Girl Scout Cookies. Homemade Thin Mints? Hello.

Caramel Corn with Salted Peanuts

Popcorn is a good staple, but Caramel Corn with Salted Peanuts from Orangette ups the ante in a big way. Not just for baseball, that’s for sure.

Last-minute Super Bowl recipes: Avocado Salad

For something a bit on the healthier side, Dash and Bella’s Avocado Salad with Crackalicious Dressing is easy and hugely crowd-pleasing.  Don’t be surprised if it gets as much play as the nachos.

Last-minute Super Bowl recipes: Ginger-Spiced Cider

For the designated drivers, check out these apple cider mocktail recipes that are a lot more fun than club soda or iced tea. You can even spike them for those imbibers who’d dare to dabble with something other than beer from a bottle.