Need to get those coats off the floor? The bunny can help!

In fact, there’s an entire menagerie ready to help keep things tidy.

Bunny coathanger!

The source for these adorable coat hooks is Pomme, the superhip kids’ outpost in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Whether you go with the rabbit, cat, frog, or cow, each coathanger is about eight inches tall and four inches wide and made of enamel-coated metal with four round hooks. And each one looks just as trustworthy and earnest as the last.

We adore these fine fellows, but keep in mind that while each coat hook is only $12, flat rate shipping is a little high — $15 for orders under $99. At that rate, you might as well pick up a few or see what else Pomme offers. And if it’s clothing, you know where it’s going to hang. So that’s tidy. –Delilah

Find adorable animal coat hooks at Pomme.


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