Dinosaurs: they’re timeless, they’re great for both boys and girls, and now they can liven up a child’s room without ruining the walls. We’re digging these three new sets of decals that can turn any kid’s cave into a strange new world.

Oh, and one includes Godzilla.

Babybot vs. T-Rex wall decals | Blik

We’re big fans of the mod, hip collaboration between Blik wall decals and Babybot design, which is why we just had to show you their three newest dinosaur creations. There’s the straight-up dino collection of Strange New World. And then you can add the slightlier wackier (and more purple!) creatures of Crash of the Cyclops Twins. Things get really weird with Babybot vs. T-Rex, which is as close as you can get to Godzilla (outside of the handpainted mural in my son’s room. Heh.) See?

Crash of the Cyclops Twins wall decals | Blik

Dino-mite wall decals!

Each set contains 14 to 20 decals that can be arranged in any scene of your choice or combined to make one huge scene, especially with Strange New World and Crash of the Cyclops Twins. Because winged dragons and dinos are pretty similar, right?

If you’re unsure about decals on your walls, Blik has a handy FAQ that will lead you through paint types, application, and removal. They even have a video. Considering how many coats of primer and paint it’s going to take to cover up my Godzilla mural, I vote for Blik-o-saurus Rex.-Delilah

Find Blik wall decals at Babybot.