I Love You custom book | Paper Hat Press
Did you know that it only takes three little words to fill an entire book? At least in this case.

We have long been fans of Paper Hat Press and their groovy personalized books for kids, but it’s their latest and greatest that has us head over heels.

The I Love You personalized book is a very sweet love story gorgeously illustrated by the super talented Paper Hat Press designer Micha Player. The book is meant to be a declaration of love from parent/grandparent/caregiver to child, but what will really make it the new favorite read is the detail that the clever personalization options bring to the story.

We love you THIS MUCH!

I Love You personalized book | Paper Hat Press

I Love You Personalized book | Paper Hat Press

Beyond choosing I/We love you and plugging in your child’s name, you also get to insert subtle lines throughout the book to make the story all the more special to your family. Mentions of favorite food, toys, and activities will make little ears perk up with delight. For us? It was chocolate chips, chicken nuggets (don’t judge) and princess dresses that made our little one grin, even more so than seeing her name in fireworks–which is pretty cool too.

An extra sweet little touch? The heart on the front of the book pops out, revealing the recipient’s name. The piece can then be used as a pendant to decorate. Love, reading and crafts? We love you too! –Stephanie M

I Love You personalized book is on sale now in the Paper Hat webstore for $31.95 (regularly $39.95) so custom-order today and make someone you love feel very, very special.



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