Does anyone get as grumpy as I do about spending money on birthday party decorations that you use once before they become landfill? 

Butch and Harold Birthday Banner on Cool Mom Picks

Well thanks to this new, affordable reusable banner from CMP favorite Butch and Harold, I’m feeling much happier.

We’ve seen a lot of cool eco-friendly party banners, but none like Butch & Harold’s adorable Birthday Stickr banner, which is actually a set of wall decals with sticker letters that spell out “Happy Birthday!” To use it, just stick this birthday sign to your wall and move it with ease. And when the party’s over, you pull it off (no damage, promise!).

It’s especially smart for large families who have lots of birthdays to celebrate, and because it comes complete with photo sticker frames, you can customize it each time with your own pictures of the birthday boy or girl! Plus–no guilt that you used the same banner a few months ago for someone else. Your kids might not even notice.  –Shari

Find the Happy Birthday Stickr wall decal banner and a whole host of other cool and easy wall art at Butch & Harold.


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