A passport case is one of those small indulgences I’ve always wanted but it never seemed necessary. But with a few international trips under my belt recently, and seeing how ratty mine is getting compared with my kids’ less-used passports, I’m ready to the take plunge.

Hayden-Harnett passport cases on Cool Mom Picks

This snake-print leather passport case at Hayden and Harnett is calling my name. The snake pattern is so cool right now—but don’t worry. It’s not a real snake. Heck, if you’re going to have a real snake passport holder you’d better have killed it, skinned it and tanned it yourself.

(Too much?)


Hayden-Harnett passport covers on Cool Mom Picks

But hey, there are other styles like a silver irridescent and a cool anthracite if faux reptile isn’t up your alley.

The pockets on the inside for tickets and receipts are exactly what I need to keep me even 10% less frazzled in the airport. Plus, I’ll feel so very jet-setty pulling it out of my bag at every checkpoint. Which I think is now numbering somewhere up around ten. –Liz

Find the snake-print leather passport case at Hayden-Harnett, and for other great accessories from this shop that we’re coveting, search Hayden-Harnett in our archives. Still want that blue bag!