Every year at this time, I get lured into buying way-too-many packages of those brightly colored Easter Peeps. And though I have no problem consuming sugar, even I can only eat a few of them before I get the jitters.  So, I’ve pulled together some adorable—and easy—Easter crafts that use Peeps for some sweet decorations this month.


This centerpiece idea from La Jolla Mom (above) just screams “Easter” and is so simple to create. I love how the yellow Peeps bunnies look with sunny chrysanthemums, though you could chose to do multi-colored bunnies around an assortment of flowers too.


Peeps on a Stick on Cool Mom Picks

Another quick–and sugary–centerpiece can be made with Peeps on a Stick placed in a jar or vase. You can even wrap each stick in clear plastic favor bags so that each child (or adult with a sweet tooth) can take home their own skewer.


Skewered straws on Cool Mom Picks

Another way to skewer Peeps is to shove bunnies onto plastic straws and display them in cups, as shown at Uncommon Designs. If you have just a few kids, you can even do a different color bunny for each child so they can ID their cup wherever they bring it.


Peeps artwork on Cool Mom Picks

Peeps become a work of art in thrive’s artwork craft that doesn’t require as much skill as restraint since you’ll be halving off the backs of them, giving you loads of Peep-scraps to gobble up. I especially love that half-eaten bunny and am sure I’d have lots of volunteers to create it.


Peeps Easter Tree on Cool Mom Picks

No glue gun necessary—-just step outside and collect some thin bare branches and shove some Peeps chicks onto them before placing the Marshmallow Peeps Easter Tree into a vase.


Peeps place cards on Cool Mom Picks

I’ll admit that this is pretty low on the “crafting” totem pole, but I can’t resist since it’s such a neat idea. Just take a Peeps chick and, with a toothpick and a piece of cardstock, create little place cards for your Easter meal. You can choose to print the names out all fancy with your computer, or give the kids some crayons and let them spell out all the family’s names.


Easter Bunny Racers on Cool Mom Picks

These Easter Bunny Racecars would be a fun craft to keep the kids busy while you race to get Easter dinner gets prepared. And, don’t worry if you didn’t stock up on Twinkies before they disappeared; Little Debbie has a snack cake that is finish-line ready.


Melissa Clark cake on Cool Mom Picks

And I just love how Peeps chicks can make a pretty white-frosted cake look dressed up for Easter by standing sentry around the borders. Melissa Clark’s Buttery Easter Layer Cake with Lemon Curd sounds just about perfect in this recipe we featured recently, though I think Peeps would be happy surrounding any cake at all.

Still can’t get enough Peeps? Try the plush kind. We have more Easter cake recipes and Easter party decor for you, too. Check out our entire collection of Easter ideas in our Cool Mom Picks Shop.