If you want to add a deliciously homemade touch to your kid’s Easter basket or if you feel like surprising your Easter guests or hosts with a fun Easter dessert, these recipes for Easter cake pops are for you. Tasty and irresistibly cute, these cake pops are almost too fantastic to eat. Almost, but not quite.

If you’ve never made cake pops before, start with our cake pop 101 tutorial. Written for cake pop beginners, we break the steps down in plain language. No baker-ese or expectations that you’ll know what “candy melts” are. (And if you don’t know what they are, go directly to the tutorial‚ÄĒdo not pass go.)

Making the¬†Flowerpot Cake Pops (pictured top) from Niner Bakes is surprisingly straight forward. If you don’t believe me, check out the step-by-step photos that Nina provides with her detailed instructions. A lot of steps, but not so hard and the results are so pretty.


Easter cake pops: Spring Chicken Cake Pops recipe at Bakerella | Cool Mom Picks

We can’t talk cake pops without going to the source: Bakerella. The original cake pop maven shares how to make these Spring Chicken Cake Pops on her site. Aside from the usual dip in candy melts, all these cake pops require are sprinkle shapes (she gives options) and an edible ink pen. Simple business, as cakes pops go.


Easter cake pops: Speckled Egg Cake Pops at Cakeb0t | Cool Mom Picks

We have featured a speckled egg Easter cake that I love so much, that I went on the search for similar ideas, and found these Speckled Egg Pops on Cakeb0t. They are just as beautiful and even easier to make.


Easter cake pops: Peeps Cake Pops at I Am Baker | Cool Mom Picks

How can I resist these¬†Peeps Cake Pops from I Am Baker that we found last year? ¬†Like the speckled egg pops, these are simple business, but way sillier. And who doesn’t need silly‚ÄĒor Peeps!‚ÄĒon Easter?

Easter cake pops: Carrot Cake Pops at The Partiologist | Cool Mom Picks

A patch of Carrot Cake Pops from the Partiologist are the perfect treat for your little bunny. The Partiologist makes hers with orange cake leftover from her carrot patch cake (a sight to behold!). But, as long as you have orange candy melts for the outside, you can use any cake you want for the inside.


Easter cake pops: Bunny Tails Cake Balls at Rose Bakes | Cool Mom Picks

These are not on a lollipop stick and yeah, they are a bit complicated, but I couldn’t skip these adorable Bunny Tails Cake Balls from Rose Bakes. If you feel like breaking out the fondant, by all means, go for it! Otherwise, just sit back and marvel at someone else’s serious creativity.