Chocolate is delicious, but brown can get so blah during a pastel-pretty holiday. These all-natural bunnies are a great way to think pink without downing a single drop of dye.

Pink chocolate Easter bunnies at Cool Mom Picks

Our pals at Nutty Steph’s have crafted a line of yummy bunnies just perfect for the Easter basket or springtime snacking, but they’ve left out one very important ingredient: that pesky, possibly cancerous red dye that makes my kids act completely deranged. Hurrah!

The Pink Chocolate Bunny is finely crafted of white chocolate with just a dab of peppermint and freeze-dried raspberry dust, which results in a lovely, natural mauve tint and a distinct flavor that my kids adore. Available in small, medium, and large, there’s a pink bunny for every occasion.

If you’re an adult who wants the same pink chocolate experience minus the edible ears and tails, check out the Love Bar. Same white chocolate with peppermint and freeze-dried raspberry dust, but there are also whole raspberries mixed in.

The Love Bar pink chocolate bar at Cool Mom Picks

With only seven all-natural ingredients, Nutty Steph’s pink chocolate is possibly the only pink food on the planet that you can give your kids with a clean conscience. Maybe Steph’s not so nutty after all. –Delilah

Find Pink Chocolate Bunnies and the Love Bar on the Chocolate page at Nutty Steph’s. Overnight shipping is available.