There’s something about wallpaper that feels like more of a commitment than paint. Maybe it’s the glue. Maybe it’s the hours of labor spent lining it up juuuust right. But I think I’ve found a cute wallpaper idea that might be worth the investment.

googly eye wallpaper

The new i see you wallpaper from Cavern is covered in black googly eyes on white paper. That’s it. Sounds kind of weird, right? That’s just until your kids have at it with an array of rainbow-colored crayons. (Uh, just make sure they’re old enough to understand exactly which walls of the house they can draw on.)

Suddenly, that black-and-white wallpaper becomes a colorful, evolving work of art gracing your child’s wall. Watch as crazy little characters emerge, and maybe even start talking to each other. The wall becomes a piece of art, full of stories and scribbles for your family to enjoy. Then, when you’re ready for a new wall of art, just put up another wall of googly eyes and start all over again.

Draw on the i see you wallpaper at Cool Mom Picks

Wow, I just went from wallpaper commitment-phobe to never wanting to take it down. Guess finding the right paper’ll do that. –Stephanie S.

Find i see you and all kinds of other great wallpaper designs at Cavern.


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