I have a small house. Which seems like an irrelevant thing to mention when I’m about to tell you about a beautiful nightlight. But a small house equals much shared space. And when you share space and want to light it for your kids in the middle of the night, maybe a garish superhero nightlight isn’t the way to go.

The Night Light on Cool Mom Picks


Which is why I’m mightily in love with The Night Light by Six Point Un, a super-cool Canadian design team. Its simple lines and natural wood finish would blend in with any modern design. Plus the LED light and filter keeps it safe. 

And while the bird house shape is certainly kid-friendly (not to mention happily spring-like any tiime of year), it isn’t a nightlight you’ll want to give away when the kids get older. I think it would be pretty for a higher socket, like on a bathroom wall.

Tiny house nightlight in my tiny house? If you ask me, it’s a perfect fit. –Stephanie S.

{via smallforbig.com}

Even if your kids aren’t scared of the dark, The Night Light will light up your life.

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