ViewMaster baby tee and onesie | Cool Mom Picks
Because ironic baby tees featuring all sorts of devices that they will never entirely understand are all the rage these days (you know, rotary phones, Polaroid cameras, I like this one that plays off the retro Viewmaster in a fun new way.

Not that you can’t still get a Viewmaster, it’s just the 21st century version is a little lacking, if you ask me. At Little Trendstar, these fun “Keep it Reel” kids’ clothes come as ViewMaster baby onesies, and ViewMaster kids’ tees up in sizes 2T-6T. And hey, maybe it will inspire your kiddo’s obsession with super basic 3-D fun like we all had growing up.

If you ask me, spend a couple extra bucks and get an original ViewMaster to go with it. There’s something about the lightweight, inexpensive new ones that just don’t have the same oomph to it. But know you, I’m old and nostalgic. That’s what happens. –Liz

Find retro cool ViewMaster baby onesies and ViewMaster kids’ tees online at Little Trendstar.

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